Mentori și experți 

Mulțumim mentorilor și experților care au susținut echipele finaliste SIA în edițiile trecute.

I have enjoyed every moment I spent in the SIA world, whether it was mentoring some of the competing projects, being a member of the jury, announcing the finalists & winners or sharing knowledge and answering the questions of social entrepreneurs during the business modeling workshops. It’s really great that projects like SIA are developed. I wished they were also developed during my student years. The society is in bad need for entrepreneurship incubators and ways to give youngsters from all layers of the society a chance to faster gain their freedom of choice.

(Ștefan Buciuc, Head of Social Banking Unit @BCR)


For me SIA is a journey, designed for entrepreneurs, to better test and refine their ideas from a very early stage in the development of their entrepreneur DNA. It is not about the idea the entrepreneur has, is very much about the entrepreneur spirit that is developed during this journey. At BCR we are committed to support the entrepreneurs, because they are the ones to take Romania further. In our new division, called Social Banking, we are preparing to become true partners for the entrepreneurs in their early beginning, to help them start and grow their business. And also in this journey SIA is an important benchmark. I’m really grateful for being part of this project.

(Ștefan Buciuc, Head of Social Banking Unit @BCR)

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