• SIA Romania: the 15 Finalists of 2018

    Out of 400 participants to social business trainings and 47 applications, here are the 15 finalist ideas. We will work together with mentoring, trainings and field visits to social entrepreneurs to improve, grow and validate their ideas. Come back to us in September for the online voting period and on October 3rd for their public pitches.





    B.You: Helping teenagers reach their potential in becoming the “real me” by connecting them with the right opportunities.

    Bottle. World: Reusable water bottle designed in mind with millennials passionate about travelling

    Busola: The compass that guides high-school students towards studies connected with their abilities. Vocational training, classes and access to companies.

    I’m fine: Mobile app for people suffering with depression aiming to monitor, connect with professional help and communicate understanding.

    Oncovox: online multimedia platform for psychological help for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

    Open doors for Arts and Therapy: opening a Community Center for Arts for therapy methods,

    Pay it forward:  A center for activities for children with a pay it forward concept.

    Lunch at grandmda’s: App that connects hungry corporate employees with granmothers cooks.

    School of motivation: helping young people gain motivation in searching their future path.

    Special youth development program: working with children and personnel from foster care institutions.

    The Old Musicians Reloaded: a club for old musicians to reintegrate them in society and connect them with a young audience.

    Unique faces and Glamour: UFG is a fashion show where young designers’ creations are showed off by disabled teens which is meant to integrate them in our society.

    UnitEDU: Teachers need access to the best educational resources there is: themselves. UnitEDU allows them to contribute to the development of society.

    Zero Waste Kit: The zero waste kit contains reusable products for everyday use in order to help protect our environment.

    Zero Waste Store: social enterprise fighting against waste by promoting a sustainable consumption model.

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