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Upside Down

Premiul juriului Romania 2012

Upside Down is a Romanian project that aims at promoting a cool concept through their products – Upcycling.

You may wonder what Upcycling is about.

Well, taking the words separately…everybody knows what “UP” means…and the “cycling” part is definitely familiar to bike fellows. Putting them back together, “Upcycling”, RE-cycling “UP” and not “Down” means turning apparently useless, disregarded stuff into new and cool products with added value. Like ours.

For now, it’s about a 3 step process (clean, cut & sew) in turning those street banners, scrap fabrics and bicycle tire tubes into bags, wallets, gadget sleeves and other accessories.

So that’s what we do, UP-cycling waste, one turn at a time. You can check our stuff here:!

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